Tour Group Flight Air Balloon in Armenia

The package includes:

Group package
Group flights are carried out on air balloons, which are specialized for 4 or 8 passengers

Packages include:

1.Transferring the passengers to the destination and taking back to Yerevan by comfortable minibuses with seven seats

2.The passengers take part in preparatory process of the flight, which lasts about 30 minutes

3.The flight itself lasts about an hour (40-90 minutes depending on the direction and the speed of the wind) up to 1000m.

4.During the flight GOPRO photo shoots are carried out

5.Treatments during the flight (sweets and club champagne)

6.After the flight, the participants will be awarded nominative certificates in an interesting custom which has been a custom in ballooning since 1783

Flights are mainly carried out in the territory of Garni

This program lasts for 4-5 hours, in 1-2 hours after sunrise or 2-3 hours before sunset.

Flights can be delayed because of bad weather conditions and high wind speed. Allowed speed is up to 5 m / s.

The price of the flight for each passenger is 85.000 AMD
(additional 40.000AMD is required for the passengers over 100kg.)
50% Discount for up to 12- year-old children