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Discover the Beauty of Armenia From Bird’s Eye View


Discover the Beauty of Armenia From Bird’s Eye View

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Ads on Air Balloons

Do you want to deliver your message to the target audience in an impressive and unique way? Do you want to link the perception of your brand to positive and exceptional emotions? If yes, our Ads on Air Balloon service is perfectly for you!

With its high effectiveness and audience reach rates, ads on air balloons outperform any other advertising means. Just imagine, your brand logo flying across the sky on the largest advertising carrier and being seen by thousands of people during a big event. Plus, the event will certainly have immersive media coverage, which gives you a chance to indirectly and completely free deliver your ad to larger audiences. So, if you are looking to make a big impact on your target audience, harness the power of air balloon advertising.

Advantages of Hot Air Balloon Corporate Advertising

  • Instantly grabs the attention of the audience,

  • Is totally perceivable by any audience,

  • Increases brand awareness,

  • Reinforces the positive image of the brand,

  • Creates memorable and thrilling emotions that are associated with the brand,

  • Is media-friendly,

  • Boosts sales volumes and enlarges the consumption market,

  • Due to its massiveness, provides high visibility and commands attention in the sky,

  • And finally, air balloons are the only ad carriers that people take photos with.

Today, almost all the world-leading organisations own air balloons with their brand logos. They do it to establish or reinforce brand image. In Europe particularly, the air balloon is generally considered as an inseparable part of the brand image. As far as air balloons symbolize innovation, freedom, courage and adventures, people subconsciously associate the  the same qualities with the brand using a balloon for an ad. The perception creates trust and interest towards the brand.

The air balloons travel both in Yerevan and the whole territory of Armenia. In this way, it expands the geographical reach of the brand being advertised. The commercial balloons make flights both in summer and winter months. The allowable temperature for flights is between -20 to +40 °C and the speed is 5 meters per second.

Skyball enables you to deliver your ad in a unique and impressive way. 

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