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Discover the Beauty of Armenia From Bird’s Eye View

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Privacy Policy

  1. We are always committed to improving our program, taking into consideration passenger reviews and personal investigations. In this regard, our flight program can be changed from time to time. If a product or service of the program is not available at that moment, we will offer you an alternative for the service or product. The programs or/and entertainment events can be changed because of the season, weather conditions, natural disasters and the requirements of Khosrov Reserve.

  2. The prices apply to the air balloon flight trips for 01.2025 period. The prices are indicated in Armenian dram and can be changed on the initiative of the Organization.

  3. Taking into consideration the scales of organizational events and the limited availability of our services, we impose penalties for order cancelations. This is done for reimbursement of our expenses and unearned income. For cancellation of confirmed orders, the following penalties are imposed:

   Cancellation or modification of individual bookings by period:

            -Maximum 7 days before the flight date-no penalty,

            -7 days to 48 hours prior to the flight date-50% of the flight cost

            -48 hours and less prior to the flight date-100% of the flight cost.

 Cancellation or modification of group bookings by period:

           -14 to 7 days prior the flight date-50% of the flight cost,

           -7 days and less  prior to the flight date-100% of the flight cost,

       -If you refused to participate in the flight, showed up after the start of the flight or  voluntarily left it before the end, no compensation is available.

         -No compensation is available if the air balloon flight is delayed or the duration of the flight reduced as a result of mechanical failure or unfavorable weather conditions. Air balloon flights are weather sensitive. So, the Organisation holds no responsibility, if any of the flight elements is not available on the flight day because of weather conditions.

        -For the group flight to take place, we need to have at least the minimum number of passengers. The minimum number of passengers depends on the type of the flight chosen and it may change occasionally. If the flight is canceled because of the small number of passengers, they will be offered an alternative tour or reimbursement of the whole cost.

         -If the air balloon flight is canceled because of bad weather conditions, we offer our passengers an alternative tour or  reimbursement of the whole cost.

4. All gathering points are preliminary (for orientation) and can be modified within the minimum notice period. The modification can occur for external reasons, such as road closures, traffic jams, unfavorable weather conditions and mechanical issues. The Organisation reserves the right to refuse taking children for the trip for security reasons  at any time. 

5. Our hot air balloon rides are an active form of recreation, so it mostly requires to be in good physical condition. We do not recommend the activity to pregnant women. Anyway, the Organisation assumes no responsibility for health problems of the passengers. They carry the health-related risks by themself.

6. The Organisation reserves the right to refuse serving the passengers whose behavior negatively affects or disturbs the rest of the group. By choosing to have a balloon ride with Skyball, you agree to follow the pilot’s instructions and be willing to accept his decisions. 

Our staff should work in safe conditions, and the passengers should fully enjoy the leisure. Any  safety threat, physical or verbal, or any unacceptable behaviour will lead to the removal of the person from the flight. If the pilot decides to remove a passenger from the flight for security reasons, the passenger gets no compensation. In this case, the passengers carries the responsibility for all transportation and other costs, starting from the removal moment.

7.If the participant doesn't inform the company in advance that he doesn't want his photos taken during the trip to be used on media platforms, the company considers this as consent and gets the right to use them.

8.There is no age limit for participation in the trip. However, the company recommends that children from the age of 5 take part in the flight, as younger children usually show restless behavior during the flight.

A sling is mandatory for children under 2 years old.